336 – Fergie

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As regular readers of the site will testify, we don’t do things by halves here at DT and this week we thought we’d bring you lovely lot the sounds of Las Vegas courtesy of the inimitable Fergie.  As a DJ Fergie has had many different sounds and even a brief  name change over the course of a storied career that began over two decades ago as a teenager in Fergie’s native Northern Ireland and saw him go from local hero to one of dance music’s most well loved characters. Last year saw Fergie add the latest chapter to his remarkable history when he left Europe behind to relocate to Las Vegas just as Sin City, always famed for its relentless hedonism embraced electronic music for the first time.  With the move came another of Fergie’s trademark reinventions and before long he found himself holding court via residencies at 3 of the USA’s most illustrious venues as he DJ’s at the iconic Wet Republic pool party, the HQ Nightclub in Atlantic City and from this Spring at the newly-opened Hakkasan Las Vegas Nightclub. Hakkasan Las Vegas is an ambitious concept that Fergie has become a central part of and will see him tailor his DJ performances to suit the unique capabilities of a venue which is tipped by many to become one of the top nightlife experiences in the world. With that in mind we invited him to deliver us a set to showcase the soundcape of Fergie 2013 and he duly delivered. Now you can experience the sounds of Vegas wherever you are. Enjoy.Sum up this podcast in 10 words… Pure Mad Mental wicked crazy  house for the No sleep crew

What’s your personal favourite track on it? All the tracks are doing it for me right now, I couldn’t pick just one. What I will say is Unmet Ozmet is melting some heads with his productions right now. What’s the special ingredient in this mix? The mix is what I would like to here if I was out clubbing, It’s a true representation of how my sets are, Full on party mode not mellowing your mental. What’s the best gig you’ve played recently?  The best gigs would be Hakkasan & Wet Republic, 2 Totally different venues with different vibes but the buzz is always mighty. With Hakkasan they have taken clubbing to another level altogether Wet Republic Ultra Pool has been constantly the best pool party in Las Vegas for years and I see no change in that, It’s great to be onboard with the AMG family and all the super talent they have week in and week out. What have you got coming up?  I have been in the studio quite a lot of late so expect some new Fergie beats, Gig wise my main focus is on my residencies at the mighty Hakkasan & Wet Republic in Vegas. And finally, do you have a special message for our readers? I hope you guys enjoy the mix, It’s full of the bombs that have been destroying the clubs I’ve been playing at, Some new beats & Some old but all Gold 🙂