365 – Doctor Dru

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2014 is underway in we’re in the mood for something fresh for this weeks exclusive podcast. Step forward Doctor Dru to get the year underway in style.The story goes that it all started when Doctor Dru was a little boy treating his mothers pots and pans with his drumsticks in a precursor to one of the three priorities that would go on to dominate his youth: the Snare, Skateboarding & Soul Music. Soon his professional drumming career took him around Europe, supporting international artists in sold out concert halls. A skateboarding accident left him with a broken arm and put a promising drumming career on hold. The drumming worlds loss was electronic music’s gain as tweaking a mixer was still possible, and so the affair with an atari and a drum machine began. The subsequent years were about honing his production skills and spinning vinyl at numerous parties and clubs. Before long he was producing a wide variety of artists including one of his heroes, Bootsy Collins.

In 2010 he founded the label JEUDI Records, with like minded friends from Baalsaal, Hamburg and the following year saw him debut his own material. “Ooh Gosh!”, his debut EP sat in the Top 5 of the dance charts for weeks. Doctor Dru then captured our attention as the producer behind “Juicy Fruit”, the 2011 summer hit and success story of Exploited’s sub label Blackjuke Box; and the “Anymore” EP in collaboration with his buddies Adana Twins. Since then Doctor Dru has been able to count all of us at DT as members of his fan club and we’ve been waiting to secure his services for the podcast ever since. the following years have seen his star continue to rise with a string of well received releases and with so much behind him already, we’re excited to see what the future holds for Doctor Dru in 2014!