Enei: Building Machines



Russia’s game-changing drum and bass prodigy Alexey Egorchenkov (or, in fact, Enei) has just recently reached a somewhat pivotal moment in his musical career. With the realisation of his debut album ‘Machines‘, just out on Critical Recordings, a significant and laudable milestone has been achieved. Before this, the gifted producer crept from relative obscurity off the back of a defiantly personal sound. Tribal samples, intricate drum patterns, big engine leads and his succinct appreciation for atmospheric composition bred some of the most crucial releases in recent memory, such as Cracker, Obsession and the monumental Stonehead EP.  2012 has unquestionably been a big year for Enei, so we touched base the man himself to discuss his latest major achievements; the hugely anticipated debut LP, his first shows in the UK and all of the palaver that brought him to this point.  Of your earlier tracks, which do you think was most crucial in raising your profile internationally? At what point did the ball really start rolling toward widespread recognition? Well I think my arrival at Critical can be considered, with the release of tunes like Cracker, Stonehead and One Chance. The start and I guess impetus for the growth of my career was the release of One Chance on Nightlife 5, which held a place in Andy C’s record bag.