New Talent


Brazil is the latest country to cause quite a stir in electronic music circles, thanks in no small part to clubs such as D-Edge and Warung. The latest purveyor of the sound to make an impression on the global scene, however, is Hot Creations signing, HNQO. Discovered a few years back by the label’s Russ Yallop, he has since gone on to become arguably his country’s finest house music export since Gui Boratto. With his debut tracks, “Point of View” and “Pain of Love” indicative of both the artist and the label’s accomplished sound, his is a career that doesn’t look set to take a timeout any minute soon.

We caught up with the man known to his mother as plain oul’ Henrique, to discuss his new label, Playperview, the meaning behind his name, and his whirlwind past few years…

Where did you grow up in Brazil? Was there a strong electronic music scene there?  

I grew up listening to hip-hop and rap while going to school and playing sports with friends here in Curitiba. I’m still only 23 and back when I was growing up I didn’t know much about the scene really. What I can see now, though, is that it’s getting bigger and most of the artists I like are coming to play here and having a freaking amazing time at our clubs! So that’s pretty amazing to see and something that makes me very happy.

And when did you begin to take the music seriously?

Music was and will always be my favourite way to express myself. It doesn’t matter whether I’m making or listening to it, but I always try and take it seriously. The difference now is that the scene here is beginning to treat me the same way!