Nicole Moudaber – Hear Her Roar



Through her blinding productions and remixes along with her hypnotic sets, Nicole Moudaber more than earned the title of the “Queen of Techno” in 2012.  Nicole seeks to build on last year’s momentum with the launch of her own MOOD label as well as the release of her aptly-named Roar EP on Carl Cox’s Intec Digital label.  The title-track delves deeper into her signature booming percussive techno sound with its elastic groove and its twisted tribal wails.  Data Transmission had a chat with Nicole as she prepares for MOOD’s launch party this Saturday at Pacha NY.

Happy New Year, Nicole.  On New Year’s Eve, you played a marathon set at Stereo in Montreal.  How was it?  

Surreal, I love playing long sets.  I fly completely- I get to build my sets and tell my story.

The owners and promoters of Stereo told me in their 14-year history of the club they’ve never seen a New Year’s Eve like that before, and for me this is the greatest compliment ever.  It’s an institution in Montreal and the best sound system in the world.  Getting to experience this refined sound all night is what every DJ hopes for.  It was a trip.

 Your ‘Roar’ EP will be released on Carl Cox’s Intec Digital label on January 28th. What kind of reactions have you gotten when playing these two tracks out?

Incredible every time- Carl Cox and Adam Beyer have been hammering it (as well as myself) since its inception.  A lot of people noticed it too.  I’m asked about this EP all the time.  I’m very happy it reached everyone in the way I was hoping for.  Having another release on Intec at the beginning of 2013 is beyond cool to kick start the year.  It’s the label that supported me from the beginning and won me an [IDMA] award in Miami. The anticipation is high on this one.