We Dent Melons with Nic & Kaleb


nickaleb.jpgOriginating from the same South London borough, Nic and Kaleb’s paths crossed in the mid-90s after Nic was impressed by Kaleb’s regular pirate radio show. They have since forged a potent back-to-back duo with residencies in their hometown and in Ibiza. Having played alongside some of electronic music’s biggest names at clubs including Fabric, Cocoon and Space, DT caught up with the boys ahead of a busy 2013. They will be warming up for Guido Schneider and Sebastian Radlmeier at the Dented Melons night in Shoreditch in February; we got to put the boys through their paces to find out what’s got them to where they are today and what more we can expect from them.

How did you guys start out together back in 2000? Had you been friends for a while prior to that?Kaleb – It started out for us with me teaching Nic the basics of DJing. After a year or so we became residents at a club called Suga Suga in Soho, London. We had been friends since school but started DJing together seriously after securing that 1st residency. 

Nic – When I started buying music, the garage scene was coming to an end and a lot of the stuff I would play was quite soulful, although I would also buy a lot of tribal and electro stuff that I would not really get the chance to play out.