7 Year Itch – Jimpster Returns!



Fans of Jimpster will be pleased to hear that the 7 year wait for a follow up album to 2006 release ‘Amour’ is over as Jamie Ordell aka Jimpster has revealed the title, release date and track list for his latest full length effort. Named ‘Porchlight and Rocking Chairs’  we were slightly bemused by the title at first as whilst seven years is a long time Jamie is far from the age we’d expect him to be spending his days sat in a rocking chair out on the porch! Apparently the inspiration behind the album has been the hectic schedule Jimpster has embarked upon between the release of the two albums.

 As one of the founding fathers of Freerange (the imprint on which ‘Porchlight and Rocking Chairs’ is due to be released by) and also running the prolific Delusions Of Grandeur label since 2009 and global touring he has been anything other than idle over the past few years. In fact a lot of the tracks from the upcoming LP are said to have been inspired by his time on the road as he reflected upon the way to and from the many parties he was playing. With several interesting collaborations promised such as vocals from soulful Swede Jonatan Bäckelie the album looks sets to get plenty of attention for all the right reasons come May. Check out the track listing and a preview of ‘These Times‘ below. It’s good to have you back Jamie!