Cheap Thrills announce new label compilation ‘Fresh Meat, Volume 1’


freshmeat.pngCheap Thrills have their finger hot on the pulse of fresh and up and coming talent; just take a stroll through the release history books with huge tracks from Fake Blood, Jack Beats and label boss Hervé to name just a few. Continuing the long-standing tradition of showcasing fresh brand-new talent on Cheap Thrills and an ethos of putting out fresh and great music as well as hot club tracks from established Cheap Thrills crew, step forward ‘Fresh Meat Volume 1’ from Cheap Thrills.  This 9 track compilation Featuring the likes of Taiki and Nulight, Arcadis, Hoi! and new tracks from Machines Don’t Care and covering such upfront genres as Garage, UK Disco, Bass, Trap to Deep House.

Check out some of the tracks in the streams below: