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If you aren’t familiar with Zoon van SnooK you probably soon will be as the second album from the Barcelona based producer looks to take 2013 by storm.

The Bridge Between Life & Death’ was recorded partly in Iceland and partly in Bristol which whilst making for an unlikely combination has paid dividends here. The album features 11 tracks of fragile electronica, found sounds, field recordings and collaborations with Icelandic artists Amiina, Benni Hemm Hemm and Sin Fang. When quizzed on the upcoming release van snooK gets philosophical stating “It seems to me that there are no such things as ‘concept albums’ anymore – just ‘albums’ and ‘collections of songs to be played in any order.' This is vexatious to the spirit.”

Well we don’t know about that but what we do know is that this is the best Bristol/Icelandic combination this side of Massive Attack collaborating with Bjork and we’re pleased to be able to present you with an exclusive premiere of Zoon van snooK's 'The Verge of Winter' Sir Doufus Styles' Meccano Remix. Enjoy!

The Bridge Between Life & Death’ will be released on May 20th, via Lo Recordings

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